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Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn, said:

Being an entrepreneur means you jump off a cliff and you assemble an airplane on the way down.

But you don't have to build that airplane by yourself.

Our business services are designed to help entrepreneurs take control of their business and take back their life. With our help, you can remember why you started your business in the first place. You can get back to your passion. You should be working at the heart of your business. Let us do the rest.


What we can do for you.


We are setting out to create an atmosphere that balances passion, perseverance and self-care. We hope to be your guide, your support, and your advocate. We hope to inspire a new phase of entrepreneurship where a balanced lifestyle and a successful business are unanimous, and you are free to find joy in pursuing your vision.


We offer business services for entrepreneurs and small companies. We are here to do the projects that you don't have time to do, don't want to do, or don't know how to do, so that you can focus on what you love about your business.

Skip the hard lessons that most businesses go through! After years of experience working with hundreds of businesses, we can help guide you through the business do's and don't's and set you up for success.


We know that project delegation can be challenging. That's why we've created resources to help! Start with Why Delegate? to find out how project delegation is going to make your life easier.

Meet our incredible team.

Our team was hand-selected for their passion and enthusiasm as individuals, and then trained to be experts in business support. Tasks are assigned to team members based on their expertise. All work is under close management and goes through editorial review before returning to the client.

Learn more about us and meet our team here.

How much do our business services cost?

Our services are $30 / hour for all services. Most clients are billed monthly for a recurring package size that they have determined is a good fit for their needs. However, there is no commitment to how many hours you purchase on an ongoing basis. You can buy 20 one month, 5 the next, pause the next month to take a vacation, and then buy 20 the following month. Buy what you need!

Purchased hours expire 60 days after the invoice is sent. If you have a busy month and don't get around to using your hours, you have another 30 days to use them. It should be noted that we hardly ever have client hours expire. We are great at communication and great at brainstorming, so we will be reminding you about your hours and we are always ready with suggestions to help you get your hours used.


Important: are our services right for you?

We work with entrepreneurs in the earliest stages of building their businesses as well as businesses who have "made it big." We have worked with life coaches, yoga instructors, international speakers, New York Time's Bestselling Authors, personal chefs, handymen, esthaticians and more. No matter what your business is, we can find ways to help you. But there are just a few things we can't do.

We can't do urgent work. 

The typical turn around time for a project is 3-4 business days, depending on the nature of the project and providing that all information is clear and present. When a delay does occur in completing a project, it is usually because login information was not provided or was incorrect, instructions were not adequate, or the project was much larger than anticipated.

We have specifically set a longer project duration so that our work can be inspected for mistakes before it's sent back to you. This process ensures a successful working relationship! If you have a specific due date that a project needs done by, please ask if the date can be accommodated. Normally, this is not a problem unless it becomes a consistent request.

We can't "hop on the phone". 

Unlike full-time personal assistants, we cannot be available to hop on the phone at any time and we do not receive text messages. Most of our communication is done through email.  However, each client does have the option to setup a free, 15-minute check in call once a month that can be scheduled through our online calendar system. We assure you - we are very communicative! We just have particular outlets that we channel our communication through to make sure that our systems are organized and you are getting the best possible service from us.

We can't work with outside project management systems. 

We have a custom project management system where we track your hours and projects. We are currently working on making our project management system client-friendly, so that you can sign in and view what projects we are working on, what purchases you’ve made, and how much time is spent on each task.

Because of the way that our team works, we try to avoid outside project management systems such as Asana or Trello - it duplicates our efforts and makes information difficult to find. Of course you are welcome to use the systems to keep yourself organized, but when you are submitting projects to us, we prefer that you do so through one of our delegation options.

We don't tolerate rudeness.

It's silly to have to say it: we do not tolerate rudeness. We will always treat you with respect and we expect you to do the same. Thank you in advance!

How we communicate.

Our primary form of communication is by email. We will respond within 48 hours with the exception of weekends. If you need to get ahold of us urgently, we have an "Urgent! Please Help!" form to get you the support that you need!

Throughout our time working together, we will send weekly update emails so that you always know how many hours you have left and what projects are in process.

What our workflow looks like.

Here's how it works!

When you send us a task, we build a card for it in our project management system. Then the project is assigned to a member of the team who is particularly great at that type of task. Once the project is complete, it's sent to another team member to be inspected for mistakes before it comes back to you. This process usually takes around 3-4 business days, as long as we have all of the information we need in the initial project instructions.

Some great perks you should know about...

We aren't just here to complete tasks. We prioritize our clients and invest in their businesses -- we want to see you succeed! Here are some perks that we've put in place just for you.

Refer a Friend Discount

When you refer a friend to our services and they sign up for a package, they get $25 off of their purchase and so do YOU! Share the love and we will too.

Birthday Discount

It's your birthday. Treat yourself!! You'll get a 10% discount if you purchase a package on your birthday month. Woohoo!


Head on over to our project ideas page to get an idea of what types of projects we can do together and how long they might take. Once you get an idea of how many hours you might need, we can get started.