Social Media: Instagram

Benefits of Instagram

While Instagram doesn’t have nearly as many users as Facebook, it’s still a big player in the social media arena. It’s reported to have over 110 million users in the United States in 2020. And because it is owned by Facebook, one can create a post on Instagram and then, with a simple click, easily share the same post on Facebook if the two accounts are linked. This is a great timesaving feature!

The average user on Instagram is fairly young. About 55% of its users are 34 years of age or younger. This makes it an indispensable platform for businesses interested in marketing to younger people.

Getting the Most Out of Instagram

The distinguishing feature of Instagram is that every post has pictures and/or videos. For this reason, having pretty, eye-catching media is crucial to getting followers. Nobody is going to read the content of the post unless the image catches the eye first!

Also, it’s very important to use hashtags in your posts as this is how people find you. Hashtags are designed to tag and categorize posts by interests. So if you’re interested in Boise, Idaho, you can go to Instagram and search #BoiseIdaho and recent posts with that hashtag will come up for you to view.

Let’s Take a Closer Look

This video will walk you through the different features that Instagram has to offer from a business perspective.


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The Posts

After you’ve selected your beautiful pictures and/or videos, you’ll want to direct people to places where they can learn more about the business or directly buy from the business. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow you to put live links in your posts to push people to another webpage unless you pay to do so. People often work around this limitation by listing links in their bio and directing people to find the link there.

As for hashtags, you want to use hashtags that are relevant and popular, but maybe not so popular that you get buried in thousands of other posts using the same hashtag. Two to five hashtags per post is adequate, and make sure to put a space in between hashtags.

Here’s an example post:

Do you remember who your target audience is? I remeber the first time someone asked me that question. I went into full panic mode. It turns out that marketing is way more effective when you’re marketing to YOUR people. That’s why I’ve created the Find YOUR People course! Find more info through the link in my bio.

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