Social Media: LinkedIn

Benefits of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. It’s a great place to build your professional network and to let that network know how you’re making an impact on the world. Whether you love the job you have or are looking for your new dream job, LinkedIn is as good a place as any to market your professional self to the world.

Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn

To get the most out of LinkedIn you first want to build out your profile with a professional headshot, your work and educational history, and a list of skills and credentials. Then, you want to build up a network of people in your chosen industry and let them know about you and what you are up to (professionally) through regular posts.

Your network is made up of “Connections”. In order to “Connect” you can import contacts and/or search for industry keywords and select the “People” search option, then narrow the field down with filters.

So as a fitness professional who went to Florida State University and lives in Raleigh, NC, I could probably make some quick connections by searching “fitness”, selecting the “people” option, and then adding the Raleigh and FSU filters.

Next, you ask people to “Connect” if you think they could be a valuable addition to your network. Unlike personal, non-professional social media accounts on other platforms like Facebook or Instagram, people on LinkedIn are usually open to connecting with strangers if they see professional similarities.

You can also search for Jobs, Events, Content, Companies, Schools, and Groups.

The Posts

As you continuously build up your network, let them know why you’re someone they should follow and do business with!

If you’re in the business of selling something (most everybody in the private sector is), then you first need to establish that you’re trustworthy and have expertise in your field. So go ahead, let your connections know by sharing articles or tips about industry insights. And don’t forget to post about your professional accomplishments. All of it helps the world know that you are open for business, and business is good!