Social Media: Facebook

Benefits of Facebook

With a reported 2.7 billion active users worldwide (about 35% of the world population), no social media platform in the world has more users than Facebook. And in America, Facebook has a staggering 223 million users. That’s nearly 70% of all Americans.

No business should want to miss out on such a big audience!

Having a presence on Facebook allows a business to attract new customers and retain existing customers. Through thoughtful posts, a business can garner the attention of people who might not otherwise find the business through brick-and-mortar locations or other online locations. It’s also a great way to engage existing customers so that the business’s brand stays top of mind as the ideal choice for a particular service or product.

Getting the Most Out of Facebook

Generally, Facebook has a more conversational, friendly tone than other social media platforms. Users on Facebook are looking for a personal connection. By building a brand identity, showing that the business cares, and asking questions, the business can encourage people to engage.

When others see that the brand has lots of followers and engagement, they’re more likely to jump in and participate.

Let’s Take a Closer Look

This video will walk you through the different features that Facebook has to offer from a business perspective.


The Posts

Facebook posts should be 1-2 paragraphs long, strive for a personal, relatable tone, ask a question that encourages participation, and link to the business’s website.

Popular posting methods include establishing the expertise of the business by sharing tips or articles related to the field and making the business fun to follow by sharing helpful video or inspiring images and quotes.

Here’s an example post:

Do you remember who your target audience is? I remeber the first time someone asked me that question. I went into full panic mode. I didn’t realize until that moment that I didn’t realize who my people were.


It turns out that marketing is way more effective when you’re marketing to YOUR people. It took me years to find my people — it wasn’t easy. That’s why I’ve created the Find YOUR People course. Start building your community. Find more information here: (link)

Besides the carefully selected wording of a post, it’s also important to draw the eye to the post through professional-looking graphics, pictures, or videos. This media should typically use common brand color schemes and/or the brand’s logo.