Social Media: Twitter

Benefits of Twitter

Twitter is the place where you tweet. In the Twitter world a tweet is a post. And like every other social media platform posting is a way to connect with others. A lot of brands particularly like to use Twitter for customer service.

Also, every social media account can help generate better SEO for a business’s website. So even if you don’t prefer to use Twitter a lot, it can still be beneficial to have an account for your business. Make sure the website link is in the profile/bio on the social media platform, and put the link to the social media profile/bio on the website. The more spots the business has a showing on the web the more Google is going to think the business is relevant to a search concerning their industry and region.

Get The Most Out of Twitter

Follow these tips for Twitter success:

  • Tweet regularly
  • Keep people engaged with a variety of text, picture, and video media.
  • Try and use brand-specific hashtags to separate your brand from the crowd
  • Use custom graphic templates to build brand identity, and sneak that logo in there
  • “Retweet with comment” when retweeting (sharing another person’s tweet) so that you can add your personal thoughts
  • When someone tweets @ you, respond in a timely manner to get maximize engagement

The Posts (aka Tweets)

Tweets used to be limited to just 140 characters long. That limit has since been increased to 280 characters. Still, there is a limit so you won’t be writing an essay unless you string it together in multiple tweets (which people actually do sometimes). To mention someone in a tweet you must type “@” and then their twitter handle. So lets pretend MOCA has a handle @MOCA and a client with the handle @David_Nash. Well it’s Davids birthday and he wants to know why MOCA hasn’t shown any love. So he tweets his concern:

@MOCA why havent you wished me Happy Birthday today? I thought I was your favorite client? 🙂

MOCA realizes we dropped the ball but makes light of the situation:

Happy Birthday to @David_Nash our most favoritist client in the whole universe who never lets us off easy 😉 We hope it rocks!! #OurClientsAreTheBest

Once again, all is good in the universe!