Get clarity and grow into your greatest potential!

Consultations are one-on-one, hour long meetings with Jess designed to help you evaluate your business and find new ways to make progress towards your goals.

Consultations are designed to:

Identify the things that aren't working. Pain points, things that you enjoy and don't enjoy, inefficient workflow. Together we highlight those areas and look at how they can be done differently.

Get fresh eyes on your business. You're in your business every day. I help provide an outside source to determine how you are coming across to your clients, and overall, help you to get clarity and direction.

Set short-term and long-term goals. Once you have a direction, we can set business goals together, and create a plan for actually getting there. Not only that, but you get the accountability to hold you to it!

Leverage the experience of 100's of businesses. 

We have been learning what works and what doesn't work for businesses for years now. Running a business isn't easy - no matter what stage you are in. But it can be a little easier than it's feeling. Doesn't it sound nice to skip the mistakes that other entrepreneurs are making and find out where you should really be spending your time?

"As I've grown my business, I've realized that I enjoy helping clients on a larger scale than project delegation. I'm naturally a problem-solver, an organizer and a basket of great ideas that I don't have time to follow through on. Consultations give me an opportunity to help my clients with the bigger picture of their business growth. Let's get personal!"  - Jess  


When you schedule a meeting you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about you and your business. We will use that information to really identify what's not working and what inconsistencies your business is presenting. After the meeting you will be left with a list of projects that we can work on together to get you closer to your ideal work / life balance.