Internship Program Training



Here are some introduction videos to get you started. Note that you need to be signed into the email in order to view the videos:

The videos below are quick overviews of programs that we use frequently. Please take a little time to familiarize yourself with them.


Week 1 Trainings: Practicing Key Programs

The first week of the internship is about getting familiar with the systems we use at Jess Hershey, LLC and acquiring a basic understanding of key programs through practice projects. These programs, including Mailchimp, Canva, WordPress and Squarespace, create a foundation for the type of work that a general Virtual Assistant will be asked to do.

The point of the practice projects is for you to explore and to ask questions. I am assuming you will have questions, which you can ask me as you are working on the project and/or during our weekly check in call. The process of going through the practice projects gives me an opportunity to note your natural strengths and your learning style, and provide training that is more tailored towards you.

Week 2 Trainings: Website Edits and An Introduction To Code




Week 3 Trainings: Social Media Marketing and Graphics


Week 4 Trainings: Moving On To Client Projects