First, about us… 

Hey there! I’m Jess.

I started this business, but I didn’t really mean to. I was in between jobs and I started working as a Virtual Assistant with only one client. I thought it would be a good idea to have a referral program, so I set that up. My client referred clients who referred more clients, and soon I needed to bring on help. I hired my sister, and then my cousin, and then my mom. Six years later we are a team of 12 with over 50 clients, and still growing.

This is an amazing job. I mean it.

Call me lazy, but I just can’t imagine working in an office anymore. I want to work in my pajamas, set my own start and end time, and hang out with my dog all day. The biggest perk is that I can travel whenever I want, as long as there’s internet. I’ve brought my work with me accross the United States, into Canada and Mexico, and even all the way to India.

Job Description

Managers are known as the “Connectors” of MOCA because the manager position is being the middle man between the contractors and clients.

Connectors are responsible for the day-to-day management of assigned clients and the work that is done for them, including handling incoming communication, brainstorming and compiling projects for delegation, serving as a problem-solver and a guide for the project’s completion, tracking the progress of the client and their invoices, and ensuring the overall happiness of the client with our working relationship.


Here’s how it works: all of our clients are assigned to managers. The managers handle the client communication and set up the projects that the clients need done. The contractors on the team use a google calendar to request how many hours they want to work each day and then the Organizer on the team delegates the projects to the contractors who asked for work that day. Once the contractors submit the projects they go through our editor to check for mistakes, and then back to the manager to send to the client.

As a manager, you are managing the day to day interactions with the client. A big part of the job is to make sure that everything flows smoothly – their emails are answered within 48 hours, their projects are completed and returned to them within 3-4 days and are done properly and we are going through their hours at a reasonable rate. But the more difficult part of your job is checking on the client’s happiness and providing a service that will keep them working with us. This will vary from client to client. 


The manager position starts at $15 / hour and has opportunities to increase every year. Managers are paid on the 3rd and the 18th of every month.


Manager positions can start at 1 hour a day, every weekday, and go up from there. Consistently checking in every weekday is important, because we tell our clients that we will respond to emails within 24-28 hours (on weekdays) and that projects will have a 3-4 day turnaround time generally.

For each manager, we try to find a client load that fits the amount of hours that each manager is looking for, although there are slower and busier times of the week and of the month.

Managers can still request contractor hours if they have the capacity and would like to have more hours, and they will often do small client projects here and there for their own clients (and charge it as contractor time) because some projects are easier to do themselves instead of delegate.


All of the managers and the editor on the team have a shared Trello board where we communicate every day. I’ll be available in the Trello board and by text for any questions. I’m here to help branstorm project ideas, trouble shoot problems with clients, and help you figure out how to put projects together.