This is a collection of interviews. Of conversations. They are casual. Dogs barking and phones ringing have not been edited out, just as the conversations themselves have not been edited down. Real people, having real conversations, giving you real advice.


Because we want to help. Because we care about what we do and who we are working with. Because we see you chase your passion, we see you fall, we see you get back up again -- and we want to give you advice to make sure that you are always able to get back up. This is not an attempt to sell you anything. Just great, accomplished people sharing the lessons and advice that they've picked up along the way. Listen and enjoy.

Amber is not only a fantastic human being and a crazy inspiring entrepreneur, but she’s doing revolutionary work. Seriously, whoever you are, this is going to rock your socks off. Why? Because money, for whatever reason, is something we all seem to struggle with. In this interview, Amber and I talk about shifting our mindset around money and forming a healthy relationship.

In this interview, Colin and I talk about the mindset of an artist and how creativity can help you live your life and pursue your entrepreneurial pursuits with a new passion. Creativity is a journey that involves collaboration, determination, and a lot of soul-searching. Colin believes that we all need to think of ourselves as artists in order to really be successful in what we are doing.

In this interview, Dan and I discuss the importance of publishing your book in a way that best represents you and your business, and aligns with your goals. Writing the book seems like the big hurdle to jump, but there’s so much more to the process. Do you know what title you should select to reach your potential reader? Do you have a strategy for getting your book out into the world? Dan does.

Jeff Blackman is a hall of fame speaker, best selling author, success coach, broadcast personality and lawyer. In this interview, Jeff and I talk about how to ask the right questions to refocus your business on who your client is and what they are needing. How are you making choices in your business? Are your choices focused on you, or the real decision-maker?

What does it mean to have a brand? It might not mean what you think it means.  In this interview, Jodi and I discuss the difference between a brand and a brand identity, and how there’s so much more to creating a brand than picking your favorite colors. The question becomes: do you understand your business enough to create your brand?

Meghann is a writer, editor, and digital content strategist. In this interview, Meghann and I talk about developing a content strategy – an issue that burdens entrepreneurs across the world. Meghann walks us back to the basics. Learn how to create an intentional and authentic content plan that speaks to your potential clients.

Melissa has been book writing, publishing, and launching books for more than two decades and helped over 130 thought leaders write, publish, and launch their books successfully. Now she’s sharing her advice with us! In this interview, Melissa and I talk about writing a book. We cover everything from how long it will take to write a book to how many chapters you should have.

This is an interview that I think every entrepreneur should listen to. Why? Because entrepreneurship, in the way that most of us do it, is HARD. And it can feel better. If you’ve ever dabbled in entrepreneurship, I think this conversation will resonate with you. Michael and I talk about the seemingly inevitable hustle of building a business, delegation, sustainable income streams, and how to work smarter in a business that fits with your lifestyle. I recommend you take the time to listen!.

In this interview, Rachael and I talk about the power of emotional intelligence, what that means, and what type of results it can produce. Rachael talks about how hard it is to pause in the always-on digital era and why it’s so important that we be intentional about making time for it.


We are setting out to create an atmosphere that balances passion, perseverance and self-care. We hope to be your guide, your support, and your advocate. We hope to inspire a new phase of entrepreneurship where a balanced lifestyle and a successful business are unanimous, and you are free to find joy in pursuing your vision.