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Everyone talks about how they wish they could start their own business. Work at home in your pajamas, set your own hours, travel and take your work with you…that’s all great. But what people forget is that starting your own business is a lot of dang work. Most entrepreneurs start a business because they've found something they love. But with a business comes social media, content writing, graphic creation, web development – ah!! It’s overwhelming.

Fortunately, we are here so that you don’t have to do this alone.

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“Jess and her team are so helpful. They seem to know so much about everything. The broad list of services means I can constantly upgrade how I’m presenting to my customers. I’ve never had an issue with the quality of her work and she always goes above and beyond to ensure that I’m receiving more than I’d hoped for. I highly recommend having Jess and her Team alongside any business.”

“Jess and her team have been a welcome addition to my business. Our working relationship allows me to spend more time in my “zone of genius” while still ensuring that the “less sexy” (but still essential) parts of my business get done in a complete and thorough manner. I’m constantly looking for new tasks to send to them and look forward to expanding the breadth and depth of activities they perform on my behalf!"

“I have worked with Jess Hershey for different clients and various collaborations over the last couple years. I’ve found Jess and her team to be professional, skilled, and highly responsive and excellent communicators. I highly recommend this service. ”